What is Your Specialty Coffee and Espresso Equipment Supplier Selling?

To be truly effective at the sale and service of espresso and specialty coffee equipment, we believe you have to be focused on the equipment instead of the accessories. And if you’re operating a business that depends on excellent specialty coffee, that’s a vital distinction.

It’s important for a company that sells and services specialty coffee and espresso equipment to recognize that, while the coffee may be the heart of your customers’ experience, the equipment is the heart of your business.

That means your espresso and coffee machines, brewers, grinders and filtration systems must be kept in top working order at all times. And the people who sell and serve the equipment must be kept informed of the latest trends and technologies for creating the finest espresso.

For a truly top-notch espresso and coffee equipment supplier, accessories mean tools that help baristas perform their jobs better: tampers, thermometers, airpots, cleaning  supplies and the like.

It doesn’t mean paper cups or syrups or other side-line items that are offered to make the customer experience complete, but are often sold to pad the supplier’s margins.

As a top-of-the-line specialty coffee business, pay attention to what your specialty coffee and espresso supplier is selling. Top to bottom, your supplier’s services should show real knowledge about what you do. That should include site readiness and equipment assessments, calibrations and installations. It should include after-hours, on-site and in-shop repairs and services, rebuilt and refurbished equipment and filtration systems.

It should also include available training on operation of the equipment and on the latest brewing methods.

Everything that your supplier offers should be designed to do one thing:

Make your business operate more effectively.

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