The Value of Training from Your Specialty Coffee Supplier

We’d like to assert that there’s a great resource that can make a huge difference in your barista and staff training: your equipment supplier.

But first, let’s get this out of the way. Coffee schools, barista training academies and, of course, the coffee shop owner’s knowledge are all terrific resources for ensuring that your staff is up to speed and ready to deliver the ultimate coffee or espresso experience.

But here’s why training from the same company that services and supplies your espresso machines, grinders, brewers and other specialty coffee equipment just makes sense.

What are the main challenges you face in delivering consistently excellent espresso and specialty coffee? Is it that your training doesn’t always stick in the minds of each staff member? Perhaps different baristas understand the techniques differently. Perhaps they all have different tastes in espresso and specialty coffee.

Think about that. For an equipment supplier – whose primary focus is to ensure your equipment is correctly chosen and installed and properly calibrated and who can also recommend newer, better ways to create espresso and specialty coffee – it should be just a short, natural step to also help inform you about the best way the equipment should be used.

That applies to even the most basic grinder or coffee brewer, and it extends to the most specialized tools such as siphons, hand grinders, air pots and thermometers.

A top-flight equipment supplier will, almost be default, be able to talk about proper taste profiles, protocols and procedures. The best ones will organize this information into formal training labs, workshops and classes.

The result will be a staff that knows what a great espresso and specialty coffee tastes like, from the very best perspective. Because your baristas know that your products taste spectacular; but based on the proper uses of their equipment, they’ll also know why your products taste spectacular.

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