How To Choose a Commercial Espresso Grinder

It might not seem like a big deal, but for professional baristas it is: the best commercial espresso machines can be less than forgiving if you use a subpar espresso grinder.

So what makes a good commercial grinder? Generally, you want a grinder that crushes the beans with a minimum of aggressive energy. Look for grinders that don’t produce a great amount of heat, for example, to preserve the natural flavors of the beans.

Keep in mind that higher grinding speeds do not necessarily mean more aggressive grinding; in fact, high speeds can actually improve flavor. Instead, you’re looking for a smooth, even grind at any speed.

Here are the basic components to ask about for espresso and bulk coffee bean grinders.

Burrs. Burr grinders are superior to blade grinders, which depend on the length of time you run them to cut up the beans and typically result in a relatively uneven grind. Burr grinders crush the beans between wheel and stationary surface.

The best grinders are conical rather than wheel grinders; conical grinders run more slowly, are less noisy and are not likely to clog even when grinding oily beans.

Adjustability. Burr grinders depend on the positioning, or hinging, of the burrs to regulate the grind size; you should be able to get a fairly wide range without having to replace the burrs themselves. The speed should be equally adjustable; the speed works with the burr selection to determine the size of the grind.

Doser. The doser is especially important for espresso makers. Each time the operator flips the dosing lever, an exact amount of beans must be delivered to the grinding mechanism for a consistent product each time.

Hopper. The hopper is important for applications where portion control is a main consideration. Some grinders have dual hoppers that hold many pounds of coffee beans, and allow for three or more timed cycles that the operator can preset.

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