Does Your Commercial Espresso Machine Need Repair?

Is your commercial espresso machine broken? If so, how do you know?

That might be a deceptive question. If the machine doesn’t produce actual cups of espresso, then you know something is wrong. Right?

The fact is, commercial espresso machines aren’t like most heavy-duty equipment.

Small indicators that you notice during course of a busy day can signal that a piece of equipment needs repair soon; small indicators for an espresso machine can indicate that your espresso is well below par RIGHT NOW.

You do NOT want your customers bringing this to your attention. Here are a few small ways to help you predict big problems.

Too little espresso. The hot water tap and the steam wand seem to work well, but your espresso machine isn’t brewing enough to fill a cup. Many times, this is a sign that the heat exchanger tube needs to be welded or replaced. This should be done quickly, as it’s an indication that your heat exchanger water and your boiler water are intermingling.

Crema. If you don’t have a steam-based machine, the crema on your espresso can be a great way to tell if your machine needs repair. There won’t be much of a crema if the water isn’t not enough, or if it’s too hot; the temperature should generally be between 190 and 204 degrees F. The boiler or the pressure switch inside of it might need some attention.

Leaks. Sooner or later, you’ll start to notice little pools of water or milk around your espresso machine. A small amount of leakage around the boiler can be normal; anything more is normally very bad. The gaskets and O-rings in the pump or the filter holder need to be kept clean and in good shape. The valve springs, or the valves themselves, also need to be replaced periodically.

Most of us don’t want to think about all the parts in a typical espresso machine, or how important each one is to the overall quality of your espresso. Fortunately, Espresso Partners has an expert staff that does nothing but that. Call today for the finest sales and service of the finest commercial espresso equipment!

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